Hello and welcome

G’day everyone! We hope that you are having a lovely day. We are the creators of the “Is it worth it” podcast and website where we share and discuss different ways to reduce our environmental impact and ask the inevitable question, is it worth it?

My name is James Puls-Welsh (right) and my co-creator is Tommaso Fantin (left). We look forward to sharing a wide variety of ideas about how we can all reduce our impact on the environment, all while asking the question, is it worth it?

We’ve found that asking this question is a great way to not only keep ourselves accountable by questioning the habits that we know are bad, but we can also evaluate different solutions and how well they fit with our circumstances.

There are a million different ways that we can reduce our environmental impact and there is no silver bullet that works for everyone. All we can really do is work to find the solutions that work for us. If you honestly ask yourself the question, ‘is using this solution worth it for me?’ and it isn’t, that is totally fine! No one is perfect and beating ourselves up is unproductive. What is important is that we work to find other solutions that are worth it and continually re-visit solutions. It might not work for you and your circumstances now but as your circumstances and your outlook change, different solutions may become much easier to adopt.

We hope you have a fantastic day and stay posted for our first podcast episodes and more blog posts

We love you all, 
James and Tom

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